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Monday, July 18, 2011

Collaborations or conspiracies, a love story

When purchasing a knife, for some of us we look at the brand name first, for some of us the price will help determine our purchase, for some of us it will be the design of the knife and for most of us the functionality and how we plan on using, or not using the knife will be a key factor.  Then there are those of us that have an obsession and sometimes buy knives that we don't need, don't have a use for, can't afford and will put us on the brink of bankruptcy because we won't buy just one, but several of the same knife.  What drives us to have this "horrible" obsessive compulsive disorder?  Why must we be the first kid on the block to have the latest model, you know, to keep up "with the Jones?"  I think it's a conspiracy! 

Knife manufacturers, for years, have known that even though they produce a product that only in the most extreme cases would actually need to be replaced in a average persons lifetime, they can produce a new design, use a new material or subliminally suggest that you need a new knife and will get the sales.  Realistically, we don't need a new knife, the knife that we carry is fine, might need a bit of sharpening, but still does the job that we required of it when we purchased it.  Of course, there are those of us that have a habit of misplacing stuff, knives included and/or loaning our material possessions to neighbors, friends, and/or relatives and believe that we are going to get that stuff back, but know deep down that we will never see it again.  When we don't see it again and after several phone calls, personal visits and maybe a strong verbal warning about the ramifications that will occur (but most likely won't) if that possession isn't returned in a timely manner, we give up and realize that all hope is lost and go buy a new one (whatever was loaned) or live without, knives included. 

It's a conspiracy I tell you!  Manufacturers move these neighbors in next door to you or they convince you that the house/apartment that is vacant and in the vicinity of one of their "friendly neighbors that you just can't say no to" is the perfect place for you, knowing full well that you will lend the aforementioned neighbor your possessions. 

Had enough yet?  Me too!  I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature.  I don't wear tin foil anything, my windows aren't painted black and my curtains are usually open during the day.  I walk around the neighborhood and make conversation with my neighbors and I don't dwell on the things that I read on the Internet and have accepted as the God given truth.  One thing I will admit to though...I like knives and believe that knife manufacturers do their best at designing and marketing what they are best at - making knives! 

Most every knife manufacturer and custom knife maker have their loyal followers that will buy anything and everything that manufacturer/knife maker has to offer and are willing to put a second mortgage on their home to do so.  To bring you the most innovative designs, sometimes these manufacturers and custom knife makers collaborate on a design.  Sometimes it is nothing more that using a patented design/part and paying royalties and other times it is a true collaboration where designers from the manufacturer and a custom knife maker will sit down together and dream up something they hope they will be able to convince the masses to buy.

A manufacturer will often be the one that is charged with producing the new model and marketing it with a portion of the proceeds going to the custom knife maker.  On occasion, one or both of the manufacturer and the custom knife maker will donate all or part proceeds to a charitable cause which is just one of the ways they give back to the community that they market and sell their product to. 

Here is an example of a fixed blade collaboration between Spyderco and Ed Schempp.
Spyderco Schempp Rock Fixed Blade Knife FB20FPBK
Here is an example of a folding knife collaboration between Spyderco and Jens Anso
Spyderco Jens Anso Rock Lobster C126GPFG

As you see, the innovative designs above are eye catching and functional and worthy additions to your inventory, whether as users or as part of a collection.  You can find these and other great knives at so please stop by and take a look around and feel free to contact me at

(so where is the love story connection? - there really isn't any other than my love for God and my family)


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