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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Received a couple great Spyderco folders in recently.  The Spyderco Starmate C55GP and the Spyderco Szabo folder C146CFP.  Below are pics and descriptions from Spyderco's website of both of these folders.
Spyderco Starmate, Model C55GP

Bob Terzuola
Widely recognized as the father of handmade tactical folding knives, Bob Terzuola is one of the most influential figures in custom knifemaking. He was born in Brooklyn, New York is a graduate of New York University. In 1967, he moved to Panama to serve as a Peace Corps trainer and ultimately studied jade carving and gemology in Guatemala. While living in Guatemala, he also developed an interest in knifemaking and by 1979 was making handmade knives for soldiers there. In 1981, he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and joined the Knifemakers Guild.

Terzuola is best known for his high-performance tactical folders and fixed blades, which are the tools of choice of many savvy military and special operations personnel worldwide. He is also the author of The Tactical Folding Knife, a definitive work on his meticulous method of custom knifemaking.

Construction and Materials
The latest version of the Starmate faithfully retains all the features of Terzuola’s original design, but differs from the first production of the knife in several ways. Manufactured in Japan, it features a saber-ground blade made from VG-10 stainless steel. Like the original version, its handle is constructed with stainless steel liners and textured G-10 scales; however, unlike the nested liners of the first generation, the new Starmate features full skeletonized liners for a balance of light weight and superior strength.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a Bob Terzuola design is his improved Walker LinerLock mechanism, which features a concave ramp on the blade’s lock face. This lock geometry, pioneered by Terzuola in his custom knives, provides greater strength and security than conventional flat lock ramps and is proudly featured in the Starmate.

To ensure convenient, versatile carry, the Starmate also features a new four-position clip with a broad triangular base for security and extreme strength. The new clip can be easily configured for tip-up or tip-down carry on either side of the body, allowing you to tune your carry to meet your personal needs and preferences.
Spyderco Szabo Folder, Model C146CFP
Construction and Materials
The heart of the Laci Szabo folder is its 4.5625-inch CPM S30V scimitar-shaped blade. Its partial hollow grind creates excellent edge geometry while reinforcing the spine for increased strength. A Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade supports swift one-handed opening with either hand and, together with a subtle guard on the edge side of the blade, effectively protects the user’s hand during use.

The Szabo’s handle is constructed of full stainless steel liners capped by Gold Line carbon fiber scales. This striking material combines the strength and light weight of carbon fiber with an outer layer of embedded gold-colored wire. Visually stunning yet incredibly durable, it provides a secure, non-slip grip.

To cope with the extreme leverages associated with its longer blade, the Laci Sazabo folder features an enhanced version of Spyderco’s proprietary Compression Lock mechanism—one of the strongest folding knife locks ever designed. When the knife is opened, a split leaf spring integral in one of the handle’s stainless steel liners extends between the stop pin and an upward-facing ramp on the blade’s tang. The wedging force of this spring locks the blade securely and its placement on the back of the handle makes it virtually impossible to disengage during use.

The Szabo folder’s Compression Lock is also unique because it is accompanied by an internal “self-close” mechanism. Nested within one of the handle halves, this mechanism uses a spring piston to engage a plate attached to the blade tang. When the blade is closed, the piston gains mechanical leverage to rotate the plate, keeping the blade nestled securely in the handle for safe carriage. Convenient carry is further supported by a four-position clip that offers tip-up or tip-down carry on either side of the body.

The Laci Szabo folder is a technologically and artistically advanced folding knife from the mind of one of the knife industry’s most creative designers. We sincerely hope that yours serves you and your personal needs well.

Design Inspiration
Laci Szabo is a law enforcement officer, a veteran U.S. Marine, and a word-class martial artist. He is also one of the most visionary knife designers in the industry, combining a unique flair for aesthetics with an in-depth understanding of function and defensive application.

The Laci Szabo folder is a reflection of Szabo’s philosophies regarding folding knife design as it applies to both utility and personal defense. Its large size creates a commanding presence and offers increased reach when used with fencing-style skills. The dramatic scimitar-shaped blade has a long, gently curving belly to maximize cutting power, while leaving the tip well centered to support point-oriented tactics. An unsharpened swedge on the back of the blade ensures an acute point and flows smoothly into a scalloped area on the spine. This unique geometry reduces drag and enhances the blade’s trapping potential when applied with reverse-grip skills. The blade is mated to a generously sized handle that easily accommodates the largest hands and provides extreme leverage in all applications.
A dynamic synthesis of form and function, the Laci Szabo folder faithfully captures both the creativity and practicality of its designer.

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