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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keeping those knives, scissors, etc. sharp

A dull knife will make any job more challenging than a sharp knife will.  A dull knife can potentially cause more injuries as you will exert more force when cutting than you would if you were using a sharp knife.  A knife is a tool made to simplify your task, you can relate a dull knife to a coin and a sharp knife to a flat edge screwdriver, both can potentially get the job if unscrewing/screwing done, just one (the sharp knife/flat edge screwdriver) is going to make it a whole lot easier and is going to require a lot less effort on your part.  Your pocket knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors of all varieties, lawn mower blades and more, they all perform better when properly sharpened. 

You say that you don't know how to properly sharpen a knife?  Good news!  Spyderco manufactures the Triangle Sharpmaker, model 204MF which is a relatively inexpensive kit that is very easy to use and gets your knives back in to proper working order.  It comes with a "How To" DVD and instruction manual, 2 - fine grit triangle rods and 2 - medium grit triangle rods, 2 - brass safety rods and a base that doubles as a storage container for the rods.

Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Sharpening Set, Instructional DVD 204MF
National Knives sells this kit for $51.99 + shipping (starting at $8.99).  Replacement fine and medium rods are available for $11.49 + shipping (starting at $3.99) and are sold individually.  For those that have knives in poor shape and need to remove a lot of metal fast, you can purchase the optional diamond rods for $41.99 + shipping (starting at $3.99) for a set of 2 rods.  If you are really looking for a professional edge Spyderco also manufactures an ultra fine rod that polishes up the edge of your knife.  The fine, medium and ultra fine stones are made of high alumina ceramic, can be cleaned with a plastic scouring pad and a powdered abrasive cleaner and are autoclave safe.  The diamond rods should be rinsed in fresh, clean water.

This kit is capable of sharpening both plain edge knives and serrated edge knives, but also has the capability of sharpening pointed items like fish hooks, darts, awls and more.


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