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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 straight days of rain in the Soo, not just any stainless, need H1

Yep!  That's a lot of rain, thankfully it is mostly sprinkling throughout the day.  What's interesting is this rain started Monday and is supposed to go through Friday.  Combine that with the water table and basements and I can see a run on sump pumps, wet/dry vacs and blower rentals. 

Think we have it tough with flooded basements?  What about the people that have to work outside in weather like this, like the construction workers, road crews, police, fire, EMT, Coast Guard, etc?  This kind of weather can be demanding on their equipment.  For those that choose to have a knife as one of those tools they should consider a knife with a H1 steel blade.

What's H1?  H1 is a stainless steel made in Japan by Myodo Foundry.  This remarkable steel is not just rust resistant, but rust proof or at least as close to rust proof steel can be.  Spyderco uses this steel in it's Salt line of knives like the Atlantic Salt as well as special use knives such as the Warrior line. 

H1 stainless steel is a precipitation hardened steel containing nitrogen in place of carbon that gives H1 it's amazing resistance to oxidization (rust).

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